5 Wonderful Types Of Goldfish

There are literally so many types of goldfish that it would be impossible to even name them all without writing an entire book. Look below for a list of fairly cool goldfish that are readily available to most consumers. Read more here iherb coupon.

Common goldfish

Just as the name implies; the Common goldfish is a regular, run of the mill, orange colored goldfish that loves to play and is perfectly fine living among various breeds of fish.


Equally as happy in a pond, as they are in an aquarium, the Comet is one of the most resilient types of goldfish you can find. They’re lightning fast swimmers with big, beautiful tails and are normally a mixture of orange, pink, white and sometimes red colors.

Black Moor

The Black Moor has a very unique color for a “goldfish” since they’re black. They don’t see particularly well due to their eyes, which protrude and mainly only see to the side of them. They are often the silly little trouble-makers of the group and like to disturb anything that’s on the bottom of the tank.

Bubble Eye

The Bubble Eye is sight disabled like the Black Moor. These types of goldfish have the normal orange and white colors, but they’re unique because of their upward facing eyes and big “bubble” sacks on the underside of their eye. They also have no dorsal fin and will have a hard time eating if you don’t hand feed the food to them.


The Ranchu is a beautiful goldfish and like the Black Moor; they really don’t look like they belong to the family. They typically have red, pink and white coloring. They have a prominent back, no dorsal fin and a large curved belly that sort of resembles a half heart. The head is also prominent, making this one of the most beautiful and unique types of goldfish you can find.