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Reasons For Getting Scuba Diving Certification Nowadays, it has become mandatory for scuba divers and any aspiring individual to take part in a scuba diving course to have their scuba diving certification. By taking such program, they’ll be taught with basic info regarding diving similar to knowledge of proper air consumption, how to plan repetitive dives, diving physics and understand and using compressed air in the body. And it is only after getting the certification when someone is allowed to dive in open waters and enjoy the various benefits of what scuba diving provides. Number 1. Overall physical fitness – not like other exercises and sports, the diver gets a full body workout since scuba diving takes place in the water. There’s natural resistance in the water, which is the reason why this takes place. Despite the fact that it might feel free, each and every movement made in the water, particularly when submerged completely will involve resistance. Through this, it can help in burning calories, firming and toning muscles.
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Number 2. Meditative and deep breathing – among the key elements to diving is proper breathing. Scuba divers have to know how to breathe in a slow, meditative and deep manner to be able to optimize their air consumption. Incorrect breathing when diving can result to anxiety, stress and possibly damage the lungs due to lung expansion injury, which can also lead to permanent damage.
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Number 3. Stress reducer – through scuba diving, it gives opportunity to the person to get away from their stressful and hectic schedules. The truth is, even the sound of water itself is proven to bring beneficial effects on human health. The time spent in weightlessness of water when in a dive carries its own stress reducing benefits. Number 4. Socialize – when going to a dive, diving with someone is a must. With this, it stimulates communication, trust as well as responsibility for each other’s safety. Diving partners can bond over this experience too. Number 5. Close encounters to marine life – it allows the person to get up close and personal with various marine life that you would never see except in movies and pictures or at an aquarium. When on a dive, the divers can swim with sharks, sea turtles, fish and many more. Like what we have mentioned earlier, scuba diving is not just a fun activity; this is also something that can bring benefit to the diver’s health as well as wellbeing in so many ways. However, before you can reap all the benefits that scuba diving can provide, see to it that you have your scuba diving certification first.