City Breaks – How to Make the Most of Your Time Away

City breaks are a popular way to see a new place without spending a fortune. There are number of cities just  few flight hours from the UK offering culture, history, sun, sea, shopping and best sightseeing spots in Europe.

If you prefer to go on a few city breaks each year rather than one longer holiday, you’ll want to get the most from each trip.

Below is a guide to city breaks to make sure you make every minute count.

Plan ahead

If you mainly go away on two to three day city breaks, planning ahead is essential in order to make the most of your stay.

Even if you plan to do very little, you still need somewhere to do it. Checking out which attractions, places of interest and activities you want to do in advance can help you prepare better and save time when you arrive.

Booking bus or train tickets in advance for travelling from the airport to your hotel can also speed things up and give you peace of mind.

Read reviews online

City breaks have become incredibly popular with UK tourists, and as such you’ll find a wide range of reviews online for hotels, bars, restaurants and attractions for every city in the world.

Knowing where to eat and drink in particular can be hit and miss when you’re on a city break. All it takes is one bad meal to spoil things slightly, especially if you’re only away for two nights.

By reading what others thought of restaurants and bars in the city you’re visiting, you’ll have a good insight into the must-visit places while you’re on your city break.

Travel light

Going away on city break should mean you don’t need as much luggage as a standard week long or two week holiday.

You can save time queuing by travelling light as you won’t have to wait on your luggage when the plane lands.

Travelling light with a small bag also means you can start your holiday as soon as you arrive; why check into your hotel right away if you don’t have a suitcase to drop off?

Check your flight times

When you’re looking to book city breaks, make sure you always pay attention to your flight times. For example, if you’re going away for three nights, are the flight times going to mean you’ll only have a few hours in your destination the day you arrive and the day you’re due to leave?

If you can’t get the flight times you want at your local airport, you may want to travel slightly further so you can maximise the time away on your city breaks.