What Are the Deal with Fidget Spinners and is this a Real Youtube Business Opportunity?

Fidget spinners are handheld items that spin around. It is as simple as that. Developers claim they help concentration and self-control by allowing children and teenagers alike to flick them around in all sorts of ways while retaining their focus elsewhere. It is a lot to swallow, but one thing is absolutely certain. Fidget spinners are stupidly popular and people love them.

Fidget spinners began as a concept developed in psychology with a basis in ADD and ADHD study. The idea was to channel energy through these handheld little items, which would subsequently allow a child to place their focus where it needs to be. The energy being applied to the fidget spinners is harmless and unending- there is no end goal to captivate them.

Companies now see fidget spinners as a logical business opportunity. Companies are branding these spinners and selling them at conventions, meet and greets, and other business events. It should come as no surprise that companies need to act quick- essentially now- to monetize fidget spinners. In short, who knows if they are going to stick around for more than a hot minute. Other much larger trends in this area have disappeared in a few weeks, and they were larger than fidget spinners now. This could support the idea that they are only getting bigger, but it could work in the reverse as well. Ultimately, any branding effort in this area needs to happen quickly and it needs to happen now. Fidget spinners may not have the longevity of something like Pokemon. They may have the longevity of Beanie Babies instead. The psychological basis behind fidget spinners helps, but branding could not come fast enough for this interesting premise.

Youtube is a logical source to learn more about fidget spinners and branding. With YouTube, viewers can actually visualize how these things work and apply it to their working knowledge. Fidget spinners also act as a wonderful example of trends in business. Who first got involved with these things? Who was in the second-tier- the people that saw something happening and acted on it quickly? What are they doing now?