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How to Deal with a Car Lockout

Most probably, you’ll lock your keys inside your car sometime, and those odds are increasing. The causes? Keyless ignition and very complex electronic anti-theft systems.

Should this happen to you, take the following steps will get out of the situation fast and safe:

Dial 911.
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Safety is always priority, so call 911 if you believe you’re in danger. In plenty of cases, cops can unlock the car door. Otherwise, they may call a tow truck, which will land on your tab, of course. Your safety is guaranteed.
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Ask for roadside assistance.

Those auto-club fees do pay off. If you don’t subscribe to roadside services of any of those organizations, there’s hope. In most cases, new cars are equipped with roadside assistance covering the basic warranty period.

Your owner’s manual will provide the details, but most likely, it’s also locked inside in the car with your keys. Perhaps you can find the number to call on a window decal.

If nothing works, ring a dealership (one of the most important reasons to keep this number in your wallet or stored in your phone). A dealer can make you a cheap key to open your car doors and let you retrieve your keys, but you can’t use it to start your vehicle.

You may need your vehicle identification number (found on the lower edge of the windshield, driver’s side) to prove that you are the owner of the car.

If your vehicle isn’t new or you’re not a member of any club that offers roadside assistance, talk to your auto insurance agent about adding the service to your policy. There are also some major highways that are patrolled by trucks providing emergency aid, so look out for them.

Get a tow truck.

If you’re short of free options, call a towing service that responds to lockout emergencies.

Keep a spare key handy all the time.

Stashing an extra key in your wallet can be lifesaving.

You can get one of those small magnetic containers that can hold keys and be placed on a vehicle’s underside. Or just leave a spare with a friend or relative who can rescue you.

If you’re keyless, get a locksmith.

Lastly, if you actually lost your key, you’re going to need a locksmith. But again, you will have to show proof that you do own the car want them to give you access to. For a replacement fee, you may have to pay at least $200. For more expensive models, this can go a lot higher. Take note that you can only get the key only from a dealer, who will also have to configure the remote for you.